The Kendal Companies - Simplifying Life

After 20+ years, I couldn't be more proud of The Kendal Catering Company's new home. As the renovations move along, my loyal clients will notice changes along the way. We are restructuring our business model, building new menus, creating new welcoming event spaces and releasing a brand new look, logo and scaled down name for our venue. I am so excited to present small pieces of our re-branding palette in releasing our new website photo icon, our new logo and of course, our new simplified name

About Me:
I am originally from the small Georgia town of Rockmart. My grandmother ran a hometown store for her entire adult life. She taught me that giving is better than receiving - and when you do, you more often get back tenfold in return.  She would rather take a homemade cake in payment for a prescription than a dollar any day. She also taught me about loyalty and supporting your local small businesses. The world is made of family owned businesses that are disappearing every day. I may not can give you the big-box store deal, but my heart and soul will more than replace that.  
I was raised in a family that encouraged independence, etiquette, social awareness, entrepreneurship, class and, above all, complete confidence. I thank my grandparents for passing down a legacy enriched with all of these things. I try to instill the same values in my girls and can already see that they will be strong, independent and
versatile young ladies.
As for my business experience, along with growing up in a social family, full of political dinners, educational functions and social gatherings at home with all the silver trimmings, I spent 7 years working the food industry. Everything from hosting and waiting tables up to managing the front-of-the-house staff and cook lines. I wrote and designed the staff training manual for a local restaurant chain and spent three years working in the Corporate Catering Division. I founded the Northwest Georgia Division of that same company's catering division. In 1998, I moved out of the food industry and worked for four years in administration, learning the ins and out of running a business. In 2013 I opened my own restaurant, The Bricks on South Marble and learned ALOT!
In 2003, I started The Kendal Catering Company. The evidence of it's success is shown throughout this website in the photos, menus and wealth of information that can be found. Event planning and catering is my passion. It is not easy work but I enjoy every minute. In truth, part of my love for this business is helping others. I love to be able to take someone's dream, whether it's a wedding or an Annual Holiday Party, and turn it into reality. Nothing feels better than to step back and know I have given someone their dream.
 I greatly appreciate your support and hope that you will subscribe to my newsletters, comment on my blog, and pass this website on to your friends and family.  Thanks again and see you soon!

What does Simplify mean to you?
The official definition of simplify is "to make less complex or complicated." Life is defined as "the sum of experiences and actions that constitute a person's existence". The Kendal Companies mission statement is a combination of those definitions:
"to make less complicated the sum of a person's existence
and experiences" or simply put:
"Simplify Life."
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