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Simpler Life Series
The Path to Living Simply
Which path to a more leisurely life will you choose?
The rocky, unstable, uphill path....
or the well-trodden path ?
Use our step by step  Simple Life Series to clean up the
clutter in your life 
What is the Simpler Life Series?
Our Simpler Life Series  will guide you towards a clearer mind and soul. Each step will motivate you to move on from your past and towards what really matters today.  If you aren't ready to tackle YOU yet, tackle your stuff instead!  Our 10 Things you Can Do RIGHT NOW  will help  you jump start your de-cluttering! Want something even simpler? Try  reducing the clutter that comes in and out of  your home and begin living more "green," by clicking  here for ways to start being more earth friendly.
However you start making changes to  your life , just start. Just like in the lottery, if you don't play, you can't win - and de-cluttering your life is defiantly a win. Once you have the ball rolling taking care of your "stuff", sit down and take stock of yourself as well. Instead of counting your "need -tos," "have-tos" and "must-dos," try counting your dreams, your desires and....your blessings. It's much easier to be inspired by what you do have than what you don't have.
Our SIMPLE LIFE Series takes a  different approach than most self-help books or magazine articles. Whether you have house clutter, work clutter, mind clutter or all three - we will start slow and work our way through it all. We believe in setting a solid foundation with small simpler steps rather than plunging head on in to the ever-growing pile of clutter in your life.
People all over the world chose to "re-new" their goals and resolutions on New Years Day. The fact is that you can start "a-new" ANYTIME of the year. Any time you feel the weight of your "stuff" be it emotional or material - it's time to start moving. My hope here is, by sharing what I have learned and what has worked for me, you will find your own path to a simpler life.
Most of us try to set realistic goals, but go about trying to realize them, well, unrealistically. I don't need to revamp what every magazine cover in January boasts about eating healthy, or exercising more - we all know we need to do that - what I want to focus on is just as important as your health - your true self. I truly believe that if you are content with your inner-vision, you will make the changes to find contentment with the way you see the other aspects of yourself. By clearing your mind, as well as your clutter, you create space that allow new thoughts and positive things to come into your life.
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     - Things you cannot change
     - Personal Regrets
     - What you learned
     - What you can do today
 Overview - Moving past your clutter
Mission One: Purging Your Pantry - Consistency is the key. 
Mission Two: Uncovering your "undies" - yes, your underwear! - If it is broken, torn, damaged, dirty or otherwise in bad shape - don't Duct tape it -get rid of it
Mission Three: Tackling your towels - Find YOUR method to YOUR madness.
Mission Four: Sorting the dreaded sock drawer - Sometimes, less is more
Mission Five, Six and Seven: Books, Magazines and Multi-Media - Reduce, Recycle and Repurpose
Mission Eight: De-constructing your dinnerware - Simplicity is a proven clutter reducer
Mission Nine: Home Office Horror - Clearing your clutter helps clear your mind
Mission Ten: Pruning the plants, house plants that is -  Small steps make big impacts
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